What to do with my Raspberry Pi’s…

A photograph of a fresh installation of Raspberry Pi with some Linux books.
Rounded up all the Raspberry Pi’s and Linux books from around the house.

Most of the time with Raspberry Pi’s, I look at them and think it would be nice to do something really cool…. but then real life takes over and the moment is gone.  I’m not alone in this, but now with refreshed determination…. and the fact that I have an Operating Systems and Network project to complete on anything to do with Linux… my plan is to build a cluster of Raspberry Pi’s and experiment with Hadoop and see where that takes me, initially operating the environment within a dedicated local wireless network.

First thing to do is install emacs… get some system info and practise shell scripts by way of revision for the course, just waiting for…

sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install emacs (or your preferred editor)
// expand your SD card storage
sudo raspi-config -> menu option Expand FileSystem

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